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LETTER: Rhoades claims some votes don't count

To the Editor:

I was appalled by the oh-so-obvious Kitty Rhoades letter to editor plant that shamelessly accused Sarah Bruch of being a liar.

Representative Rhoades is making this claim behind a wall of secrecy. She does not want us to know how she really votes.

When Sarah Bruch called her out on her unimpressive 10-year voting record, Rhoades claimed that some votes just don't count. What a sham!

It doesn't matter whether she voted to keep something in committee or to kill it on the Assembly floor. A no vote is still a no vote.

Do not try to confuse us with technicalities Ms. Rhoades. We are smarter than that.

With a decade of politicking under her belt, Rhoades has become a master of political spin. Wake up Western Wisconsin; take the time to look at her votes. Do not simply allow her to treat us as sheep and believe whatever half-truths and misrepresentations she feeds the hard working people of Western Wisconsin.

Sarah Bruch has promised an open and transparent voting record, as well as listening sessions throughout the 30th Assembly District so we can keep her accountable for everything she does for us. Can Kitty say the same?

Sarah Bruch is many things: compassionate, intuitive, fair, understanding. But a liar she is not!

Bryan Wallace

River Falls