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LETTER: Rhoades supports law enforcement

To the Editor:

In the 30th Assembly District, there is only one candidate who has a strong record of supporting law enforcement in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Troopers' Association is proud to endorse Kitty Rhoades for re-election to the State Assembly.

Kitty is a true friend and ally to law enforcement in Wisconsin. During her time in the Legislature, she has consistently advocated for law enforcement and the resources they need to protect the public and ensure their safety.

Last session, Kitty authored the "TIME" bill (AB 639), legislation that would allow law enforcement officers real-time access to photographic records stored by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Currently, officers are only able to obtain that type of information after submitting a written request. Ironically, this bill ran out of time as the session came to a close after the bill had passed only one house.

If we can elect Kitty back to the State Assembly, the "TIME" bill could become a reality. This system would allow all officers to use this critical information network to obtain timely, accurate, on-the-scene information, imperative to their job and the safety of the public. This degree of access increases officers' ability to quickly identify potential offenders.

The people of the 30th Assembly District should know that they have an outstanding leader who consistently puts public safety and law enforcement initiatives at the top of her list. The Wisconsin Troopers' Association recommends Kitty Rhoades for re-election on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Casey Perry

Executive Director

Wisconsin Troopers' Association