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LETTER: Page: A proven track record of leadership

To the Editor:

Alison Page has a vision for the great State of Wisconsin.

She is an educated and accomplished leader in the areas that matter to western Wisconsin. She sees the connections between having a strong educational system, fiscal responsibility, health care reform and business growth built on a sustainable environment.

Many voters outside of River Falls may not know how fortunate we are to have her run for State Senate. She is a former nurse who quit her job as a senior health care administrator to run for State Senate.

She served on the River Falls School Board from 1985-2002 through a budget challenges, the building of a new High School, upgrading other schools and growth in student population. She has a proven record of accomplishment and public service.

Alison Page has the knowledge, leadership, and energy to lead meaningful change in Wisconsin. Vote for Alison Page on Nov. 4.

Kerry Geurkink