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LETTER: Make your voice heard on health care issues

To the Editor:

"The United States is the only industrialized nation on this globe with a for-profit, privatized health care system....with the exception of South Africa."

My chin almost hit the floor when I heard this from the County's health insurance consultant. All other nations on this globe see health care as a basic "right" similar to education or clean water except for America and South Africa?!

Access to quality health care has become a daily concern for most Americans. Most of us are one medical emergency away from bankruptcy.

This election will contain opportunities to voice your concern over access to quality health care. Of course, the presidential candidates have very different views...but there are two issues much closer to home that require your attention.

First, the nursing home referendum. This is asking our citizens if a public home, willing to take in anyone regardless of their personal bank account, should receive public funds to maintain this access for the public.

Secondly, citizens of New Richmond, Hudson and River Falls will also see a referendum asking our state legislators to fix our health care system and give their constituents the same access and quality health care that we give them through our tax dollars.

I think either of these questions provokes an easy "yes" vote, especially after events of the last month. Many folks recently have lost jobs, homes, savings/retirements and their health care. I hope our citizens know when to draw the line and demand from our elected officials quality and accessible health care for every citizen -- or we will completely lose that as well.

Go to or for more information.

Kim Dupre