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LETTER: District needs representatives to watch taxes

To the Editor:

Many may not remember back to the last budget process. It was close to a disaster for the Wisconsin taxpayer.

The Senate Democrats proposed a budget of $69.1 billion and the Assembly Republicans proposed a budget of $57.8 billion -- a difference of more than $11 billion.

After the whole process was done and the budget came out of the Conference Committee, the final budget number was $59.9 billion. The Conference Committee is made up of four Democrats and four Republicans (three Assembly Republicans, one Assembly Democrat, three Senate Democrats and one Senate Republican).

Kitty Rhoades was one of the four Republicans on this Committee to represent us, the taxpayers of Wisconsin. She had a major role in cutting the spending of the Senate Democrats by over $9 billion.

We need Kitty in the Assembly and Sheila Harsdorf in the Senate to help us take control of state spending.

Bruce Leonard

Town of St. Joseph