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LETTER: Pabst proves she's qualified for job

To the Editor:

Primary elections are about selecting the best candidate from a field of possibilities. Hopefully, we meet them, they present their plans and we form our opinions.

Two candidates for St. Croix County Register of Deeds competed in the primary election for the right to be on the ballot as the Democratic candidate. I was fortunate to meet both candidates at a meeting before the primary election. They were asked to introduce themselves and talk about their plans for the office.

Although I did not know either candidate, it soon became clear to me who was the right choice. Beth Pabst was confident, informative and had a platform for the future that led me to vote for her.

Beth convinced the majority of voters in the primary that she had the best qualifications for the job. I'm confident the voters made the right choice.

Please join me in picking Beth Pabst on Nov. 4 for our next Register of Deeds.

Keith Relyea