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LETTER: Vote 'no' on referendum

To the Editor:

It appears as though some people would like to believe that St. Croix County should be in the nursing home business. Maybe some years ago, but things have changed. Currently the taxpayers of this fine county subsidize this operation to the tune of over $1 million per year. One of reasons is because the employees have fringe benefits that equal 47 percent of their salaries. The highest fringe benefit in the nursing home business in St. Croix County other than the county run operation is 27 percent. The nursing home that is subsidized is in competition with privately run operations in St. Croix County. If the county were to close the Nursing Home, there are empty beds in the county that could handle the patients with equal care and a huge savings to our tax payers. Vote NO on the nursing home issue Nov. 4.

Tom Caflisch

Past HHS Board Member