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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

LETTER: The character of a true public servant

To the Editor:

Sometimes in life opportunity knocks. Granted I don't always answer the door the way I should, but this time I was moved to action.

Walking down Main Street in Hudson recently, I learned that Sarah Bruch is running for the 30th Assembly District and the chance to represent the citizens of Wisconsin in Madison. Based on my experience of working with Sarah when she led the office staff at a local church, while I was on the church board, Sarah has what I call the four "Cs" - Character, Compassion, Commitment and Conviction.

Sarah has "character." Sarah speaks the truth, she seeks the truth and she is a "what you see is what you get" person. As I grew to know Sarah, I learned to respect and admire both her personal and professional character which are virtually indistinguishable - a trait I have not run across often in a person.

Sarah has "compassion." As the parish administrator, Sarah's efforts focused on bringing out the best in others, carefully listening to differing viewpoints, and skillfully building consensus allowing forward progress. She never lost sight of how her decisions would affect those around her.

Sarah has "commitment." She is committed to her family, her community, and her faith-based values. Sarah's commitment to the causes she believes in are steadfast and unwavering.

And, perhaps most importantly, Sarah has "conviction." Sarah never compromised her character, compassion or commitment in spite of a few very challenging situations. To her credit, she stood tall in the face of adversity and made her decisions based on the best interests of those she served.

In my humble opinion, the citizens of Wisconsin are very fortunate to have Sarah Bruch running for public office. If you elect her, you will be lucky to gain the services of a humble and hardworking public servant - and isn't that what politics should really be about anyway.

Daniel Lyon

Woodbury, Minn.