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LETTER: Page is top candidate

To the Editor:

I served on the River Falls School Board for twelve years. For many of those years Alison Page was our Board Chair. I am extremely pleased and excited that she wants to bring her excellent leadership skills to serve as State Senator from the 10th District.

Alison is poised, articulate, committed, informed, visionary and possesses extraordinary energy. In a climate of dwindling resources and budget cuts Alison never lost sight of the School District's student-centered mission, especially the fundamental importance of the early school years.

She understands that the problem of dwindling support for education in Wisconsin is largely the result of legislative decisions over the last 15 years and plans to address this directly if her campaign is successful. She was instrumental in the successful referendum that brought River Falls the new high school, the remodeled middle school and other needed improvements. When the Board faced a large deficit she supervised the needed changes to guarantee that it would not happen again.

In short, Alison Page has a firm grasp of the issues affecting Wisconsin and the 10th District and will work tirelessly on our behalf. The great good and leadership for education that she demonstrated in her years on the River Falls School Board will be repeated in the greater good and leadership she will bring to the 10th District.

Brian E. Copp

River Falls Township