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LETTER: Pabst committed to serving County

To the Editor:

Please join us in our support of unopposed candidate for Register of Deeds, Beth Pabst.

She does not have an opponent on the ballot, but has worked hard to earn your vote. She knocked on thousands of doors and talked to citizens and business asking for their input and concerns. She listened and made the things you asked for part of her mission for improvement and progress.

Her experience, effort and dedication to St. Croix County set her apart and gave her victory at the Sept. 9 primary election.

Beth represents everything that is good in an elected official. She is hardworking, honest, conscientious and committed to the people of this County.

Let's return the respect by voting and making our voices heard. Make it official, check the box for Beth Pabst on Tuesday Nov. 4. She will make us proud.

Mike and Patty Long