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LETTER: Campbell write-in supported

To the Editor:

The primary election denied thousands of St. Croix County residents some of their right to vote because the primary was a single party election. Republican votes were denied voting for the Register of Deeds office. This is a non-partisan office. Let's change history in St. Croix County. On Nov. 4 use your right to vote and write in Geri Campbell for the office of Register of Deeds.

There is no other candidate more qualified and educated for this position. Geri is currently working in the ROD office and has been there almost 22 years. She was appointed First Deputy by current Register of Deeds, Kay Walsh. In the last three years she has gone through training and education on county and state programs to become ROD. She's had the education needed on the new and up-to-date technology that links county and state departments as well as connecting the public to program and records. She worked closely with Kay Walsh on budget cuts and negotiations with the outside software vendor. Lower prices with the vendor were locked in for five years.

Currently Geri runs the operations of the office in the absence of the ROD. She will take office without special training, without missing a beat. In this time of changing economy electing Geri will save taxpayers money and put the most qualified person in office.

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, use your right to vote. Make history. Under Register of Deeds check the area next to the blank line. Than write or print Geri Campbell. Provide the county and state the one person with proven quality and training for the office of Register of Deeds.

Charlene Sackett