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LETTER: Nation needs to return to Christian roots

To the Editor:

Wow! Have you noticed how the season is changing already? It is ushering in brilliant colors that vividly contrast the luscious greens of the summer.

My husband and I walked to the lakefront the other day and saw an awesome maple, completely clothed in crimson. I asked the tree, "How dare you stand out among the green and make such a bold declaration of change?"

Of course, it didn't answer me. I did, however, heed its example of making a declaration of changing times and seasons.

I realize that we are in need of some drastic changes in every area of our lives and country. If you've read my letters, you'll know that I am not advocating political parties, but I'm calling for us to turn from our greed and to return to our roots-the basics of Christianity on which our country was founded.

The Psalmist felt this same crunch and speaks of it in Psalm 11:3, "If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

With this upcoming election the virtues of Christianity are being assaulted on every side.

Before I go any farther, let me clearly state here, that none of the candidates running for office can save our nation from the debauchery we are facing. It will take America's grassroots to repent for the sins of our greed and lust and get out and vote accordingly.

Vote for life. (Jesus said in John 10:10, "the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but I am come that you might have life and that more abundantly.")

Vote for one man-one woman marriage (Genesis 1:27 assures us that we were all created male or female.)

The September/October 2008 issue of Gentle Doves magazine lists events that passed by just one vote. I'll cite a few from that list.

In 1776 America was given the English language instead of German. In 1845 it was the one vote that brought Texas into the Union. In 1923 it was the one vote which gave Adolf Hitler leadership of the Nazi Party. In 1876 one vote gave Rutherford B. Hayes the presidency of the United States.

Here is a quote By President Hayes taken from page 286 of America's God and Country. "I am a firm believer in the Divine teachings, perfect example, and atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I believe also in the Holy Scriptures as the revealed Word of God to the world for its enlightenment and salvation."

Joshua, a great leader of God's people in the Old Testament, cried out in Joshua 24:15 "...choose you this day whom you will for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Let me assure you that it is perfectly alright for you to be the crimson tree that stands firmly rooted and makes a bold declaration in these turbulent times.

Lydia Chorpening

Shell Lake