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Project works to expand regional recycling effort

St. Croix County, along with five other western Wisconsin counties, has been working on a Convenience Store Recycling Project.

The project outlines the importance of recycling, how it can reduce costs by reducing trash and that it has been required by law for businesses since 1995.

Recycling Assistant Anna McCabe is the counties' voice in this effort. Her position is funded by the Recycling Efficiency Incentive Grant through the Department of Natural Resources. She has been on the road the majority of the year visiting the convenience stores in all six counties she works for, which include: Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, Pierce, Polk and St. Croix.

Convincing convenience stores they not only should be recycling internally but also to provide bins outside near their trash cans, has been quite a challenge. However, "some stores are extremely supportive and understand the need to properly dispose of cans and bottles," McCabe stated.

Can and bottle recycling is the primary focus at the fuel pumps. When stopping for gas "people want to clean out their vehicles, and they should have the option to recycle," said McCabe.

Many stores in the area already have a system in place to collect aluminum, glass and plastic. Lake Magnor Store, Jonzy Market in Balsam Lake and CR Convenience in Clear Lake are just a few that are diverting internal recyclables from the waste stream.

For additional information contact Anna McCabe at 715-485-8611 or