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Deer Hunt '08 to broadcast across Wisconsin Nov 13

Hunters and wildlife watchers interested in should plan to be in their favorite easy chair in front of the television at 8 p.m. Nov. 13 to catch "Deer Hunt 08" with host Dan Small of the Wisconsin Public Television show Outdoor Wisconsin.

The popular annual show will be broadcast statewide on Wisconsin Public Television.

As in past seasons, viewers will be able to call in with questions during and after the broadcast on DNR's toll-free customer service line, which operates 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 days per week at 1.888.936-7463.

"I hope all hunters are looking forward to deer hunting as much as I am this year," said Keith Warnke, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources big game biologist.

"Deer numbers are high statewide and there is lots of hunting opportunity with the various archery and firearm seasons in place this year, especially for hunters who do the early legwork, scouting and patterning deer in their hunting unit," he added.

The show opens with Dan and DNR Secretary Matt Frank discussing the upcoming seasons and a special request by Frank for hunters and wildlife watchers.

Helping hunters find new places to hunt is also on the agenda.

"A question as old as hunting itself is finding a place to hunt," says Tom Hauge, director of the DNR Bureau of Wildlife Management.

"Hunters will be introduced to and see a demonstration of DNR's online mapping tool that locates public lands all across the state open to hunting." Hunters will also get a refresher on the "old ways" of locating land ownership using plat books.

Hunters and wildlife watchers will see a new video of Wisconsin's growing elk herd along with an update on the project with elk biologists, Laine Stowell and Matt McKay.

DNR wildlife biologists and specialists will answer some of the most common questions that seem to pop up season after season in a "what's new" segment.

Hunters will learn about a new effort in the CWD Management Zone put together by community organizations, meat processors, the department and hunters called "Target Hunger" to collect, process and distribute venison donated by hunters to needy families.

A new topic in the wildlife management world is the potential human health risks posed by consuming lead found in some venison tested by Wisconsin Department of Health and DNR scientists. Hauge will give hunters some suggestions as to how they can limit the amount of lead that might be found in their venison.

Hauge will also share an overview the deer herd and how hunters can help with a deer health sampling effort going on in the North this year.

Complete season information including on-line versions of this year's hunting regulations, deer management unit maps, hunting hours and seasons and tagging guidelines are available on the Deer Hunting in Wisconsin page of the DNR Web site.

More information as well as segments from past previous deer hunt shows can also be found on the DNR Web site (