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Judge delays Prein hearing

The Village of Roberts is going to have to wait a little longer before they find out about their police chief situation.

Former Roberts police chief Ricci Prein appealed his August dismissal by the Village's Police Review Board. Oral arguments were planned for Nov. 11, but are rescheduled for Dec. 1 at 11 a.m. in the Government Building in Hudson.

Gordon McQuillen, Prein's representative, complained that until Monday evening he hadn't seen the brief filed by Catherine Munkittrick, representing the PRB. Munkittrick said she filed it with Roger Palek, another attorney in the matter. She assumed he would have forwarded it to McQuillen, she said.

Munkittrick told Judge Edward Vlack that she worried about dragging the issue out by rescheduling the oral arguments.

"If we can't get a hearing fairly quickly, I would have a problem with that," she said.

Judge Vlack, in front of Roberts Board members, a PRB member and the Village clerk, agreed to reschedule the hearing.