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Arrest is made after Sheriff's Department makes another marijuana bust

For the second time in two months, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department has busted another large marijuana operation in the county.

And this time, it has also come with an arrest.

Mario Cuevas-Alvarez, 31, was arrested Monday in a wooded area in the Town of Salem. He was apprehended and taken to the Pierce County Jail where he was booked in for manufacturing marijuana.

Investigator Mike Waltz explained that on Saturday, a person scouting hunting spots came upon that location and notified the Sheriff's Department. Investigators responded to the location, in the Town of Salem, about eight miles northwest of the village of Plum City, and found a large amount of marijuana plants in various stages of being processed.

They also found tarps, sleeping bags, cooking and food supplies that had all been placed on the land without the landowner's knowledge or consent.

Two days later, Investigators found Alvarez at the scene. Following a brief chase, which Waltz estimated about ¼ of a mile, Alvarez was arrested.

Investigators seized over 1,000 marijuana plants from this location as well as some processed marijuana. Waltz added it was hard to estimate how much processed marijuana had already been removed but say the total street value could range from $200-$500 thousand dollars or more.

In September, Investigators located a similar marijuana operation in a wooded area less than a half-mile away. Over 180 pounds of marijuana was seized from that operation. Waltz said that Investigators believe these operations are related and are continuing to investigate the matter.