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An empty seat remains on Hammond Board

For three months, a lone spot on the Village of Hammond Board has remained empty.

In August, Village Trustee Michael Artiaga resigned his post, citing continuing education as a limiting factor to his service.

Since the September Board meeting, the other six trustees have carried business on as usual.

Village President Vince Trudell said getting ready to appoint a new member took time.

"I didn't want to make a hasty decision," he said.

The wait hasn't been for lack of candidates.

Two people have formally applied to the Village Hall and introduced themselves to the Board.

Others have talked to Trudell directly, as he has the power to appoint the new trustee. A majority vote by the Board will put the candidate in the seat.

At September's regular Board meeting, Doyle Painter put his name in for the position. At the meeting, he said he had a background in purchasing and mortgaging, and had worked as an appraiser in Minnesota.

Erin McComb approached the Board at November's meeting. She is employed with Travelers in St. Paul. Pertaining to her job, she said, "I deal with tough decisions every day."

McComb also admitted to the Board she is a "professed rules fool" and had already read the Village's municipal code for fun.

Trudell said he hopes to have the new trustee appointed at the next regular Board meeting on Dec. 8. The trustee will be able to serve during the next set of committee meetings on Jan. 5.

The new trustee will serve on the Board as a full voting member until the April election. He or she will have the option to run for the open trustee position at that time.