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UW hopes budget woes won't stop building projects

A University of Wisconsin spokesman hopes the system won't have to scrap or delay campus building projects, as a result of the state's budget deficits.

David Geroux says those projects would create badly-needed jobs - but everything depends on how much Gov. Jim Doyle and Legislature want them to cut.

For now, campus administrators are trying to brace for the worst.

Superior Chancellor Julius Erlenbach says construction might have to be delayed next spring on a $32 million academic building.

He says he has no idea what will happen but new hiring could end up being frozen.

Erlenbach says his campus is still hiring people.

Recently, University of Wisconsin president Kevin Reilly told chancellors to approve all hirings, with an eye toward seeing if the new people are really needed.

The state expects a new $346 million deficit in the current budget, and a $5.4 billion shortfall in the new budget which is supposed to take effect next July.