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DNR doesn't plan on hiking license fees despite budget hole

Sportsmen in Wisconsin won't have to pay more for a deer hunting license, but motorists might have to watch more deer rot along the roadsides.

That's one way the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources plans to help cut the state's huge deficit in the next budget.

DNR Secretary Matt Frank told the Natural Resources Board Wednesday he has no plans to raise any license fees for hunting, fishing or trapping -- especially with the rough economy and so many job losses.

That means the agency will cut spending and one proposal is to stop paying vendors to remove dead deer from the roadways.

Over 1,300 deer were removed this year in Waukesha County alone and officials there call the proposed cut a poor decision.

Meanwhile, DNR officials say other spending cuts are possible on programs involving biology, land maintenance and law enforcement.

The final list will go to Gov. Jim Doyle, who will decide which cuts to ask legislators to make.