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Man gets 58 year sentence in Portage 'House of Horrors' case

His lawyer says Michael Sisk will probably appeal the 58-year prison sentence he was given Tuesday in the Portage "House of Horrors" case.

Sisk, 27, was the last of three defendants to be sentenced for the murder of Tammie Garlin, who was found buried in the group's back yard last year, and the torturing of Garlin's son, who was 11 at the time.

Columbia County Circuit Judge Alan White said he wanted to give Sisk hope for freedom someday. He could be released as early as age 75.

Earlier, Candace Clark was sentenced to 55 years in prison and 40 years of extended supervision.

Michaela Clerk was given 37 years behind bars, plus 25 years of supervision.

Sisk's attorney, Ronald Benavides, read a statement saying he never got in trouble until he met Clark, whom he fell hopelessly in love with.

Sisk and Clark had a child together, and his lawyer said Clark threatened to take the youngster away if he didn't do what she said.

But the judge said it didn't make Sisk less guilty.

Sisk was regarded as the group's ringleader. He got the maximum penalty on two of the 10 charges for which he was convicted - reckless homicide and mayhem.