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Two Minnesota men in custody after theft from grandparents

An alleged spending spree by two Minnesota men came to an end Sunday in Lake City, Minn., after police there found a small safe missing from a Polk County home.

According to Polk County Sheriff's Department officials, at around 5:55 p.m. on Dec. 28 they were notified that the safe had allegedly been taken from a residence in rural Amery.

Sgt. Ray Joy, said that the safe contained between $230,000 and $250,000, and had been taken sometime between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Two men were immediately identified as suspects in the theft. One of whom was Andrew Selvig, 18, Taylors Falls, Minn., the grandson of the victims.

The other suspect was identified as Samuel Durkot, 19, Cambridge, Minn. Polk County officials say he was implicated by Selvig after Selvig was taken into custody by Lake City police.

Officials with the Polk County Sheriff's Department were informed when the theft was reported that Selvig would likely be at his father's home in Lake City. Polk County officials contacted Lake City police and asked for them to speak to Selvig.

Officials reported that Selvig told Lake City police that he didn't have any involvement in the theft, but police found $2,000 on him and the safe was in his car. He was then arrested for possession of stolen property.

After telling police that Durkot was involved, Selvig said the pair split the money between them.

Selvig waived extradition and on Dec. 31 was transported from the Goodhue County Jail to Polk County on felony theft charges.

Polk County officials issued a warrant for Durkot after learning he was heading to Florida with a runaway juvenile girl from Blaine, Minn.

On Dec. 30, Polk County officials were notified the two were in custody in Elizabethtown, Ky., by law enforcement officials there.

Joy said that they are awaiting extradition for Durkot from Kentucky.

According to law enforcement officials, in the days between the theft and Selvig's arrest the two suspects allegedly purchased numerous vehicles including a Mitsubishi convertible, Buick Roadmaster, a Ford F-150 truck, a Ford Ranger, a Ford Focus and a Dodge Neon.

"We've got six of them back so far," said Joy.

Officials say the pair also purchased electronics, a flat-screen TV and numerous tools.

Polk County officials say the two allegedly gave out the items as gifts along with cash to their friends and acquaintances throughout the Twin Cities, St. Cloud and Isanti County.

Officials say they've recovered approximately $140,000 in cash, along with the vehicles, except the one with Durkot in Kentucky.

Polk County investigators are continuing their investigation and are asking that if anyone has any additional information about the theft to contact them at 715.485.8326.