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Davis Street project discussed by Public Works

It's barely 2009, but the Village of Hammond Public Works Committee was concerned with 2010 at their January meeting.

The Davis Street project, scheduled to start in 2010, was on the docket at Monday's meeting. Village Engineer Greg Adams said planning for the project should start soon.

One suggestion he proposed to the committee was to cut the project into two separate phases. The transition would be more seamless and traffic would need less rerouting, he said.

The south end of Davis Street would be worked on first, he proposed. That end, he said, receives a lot of storm water. If it was worked on first, there would be a place for all the water to go once they started on the north end.

Plans for the south end include installing a pedestrian crossing across the railroad tracks. That needs to be done in conjunction with the railroad company, Adams said. Locations of sidewalks are yet to be determined.

The north end of Davis will include a lot of aesthetic work, Adams said. They can't raise or lower the street due to the building placement. The Davis Street Revitalization Committee has already been working on designs and requirements for the business area.

The next regular Village of Hammond Board meeting is at 7 p.m., Monday, Jan. 12, at the Village Hall.