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Sidewalk Snow Removal


City Ordinance Section 70-8 requires that within 24 hours of any snowfall, the owner/occupant of any lot or parcel of land to remove the snow from any and all sidewalks adjacent to the premises, and to keep the same free and clear of snow and ice for the full width of the sidewalk.

If the snow is not removed from a sidewalk within 24 hours after any snowfall, the Street Superintendent shall remove or cause the snow to be removed from any and all sidewalks and cross-walks that may be so neglected by the owner or occupant, and a fee shall be assessed against the owner or occupant for the cost and expense of moving such snow. This fee will be charged against the respective lots as a special tax in the same manner as other special taxes.

We would appreciate your cooperation in keeping all sidewalks clean.

Joseph Bjelland,

City Clerk/Treasurer