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Admitting it may not be profitable, Doyle wants high-speed rail money

Gov. Jim Doyle is laying out his priorities for that federal economic stimulus money.

And one big item on his list is the long-considered Midwest high-speed rail passenger system.

Plans have been on the books for years to run a high-speed line from Chicago to Minneapolis, among other places - with possible stops in Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay.

Doyle told business leaders on the Greater Milwaukee Committee Monday that the recession creates an opportunity to do things we've dreamed about for years.

And a big-time investment like the train system might be possible depending on how the federal stimulus law is structured.

Doyle says he believes such a line would be popular if it's designed to save the time and hassles travelers now face.

The governor said he hoped such a system would be profitable but it might require government subsidies, just like air and highway transportation is now funded