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Farmer arrested for animal neglect

After getting reports that a farmer was possibly neglecting his cows and that there was a dead cow on the farm, deputies from the Dunn County Sheriff's Department began an investigation.

What they found wasn't just one dead cow, but several along with a dead calf, sheep and chickens.

According to Dunn County Sheriff's Department officials, the initial report of animal neglect was received on Jan. 5.

A deputy then went to a farm in the town of Menonomie. The deputy was not able to find the farmer, Steven Shaver, 25, but he did find at least one dead cow in the barn and others he felt appeared very thin and poorly cared for.

The deputy obtained a search warrant then called in an investigator and a local veterinarian to help in the investigation.

When the team returned to the farm they discovered the dead animals. They also discovered that there were no signs that the animals had any food or water, according to Dunn County officials.

The investigators were able to meet with Shaver on Jan. 6 and let him know what they found and that he would be charged. They told Shaver to go home and feed the animals and do everything else he could to care for them.

Over the next couple of days deputies checked the animals, but were not satisfied with the care the animals were getting. A court ordered was then granted to remove the animals from the farm.

Officials say that several deputies and members of the Shaver family then removed the animals. Shaver was then arrested and charged with felony animal neglect.

Court records show that Shaver has been cited several times for having livestock at-large and for not having his animals tagged or licensed.