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New Community Ed approved for funding

Community Education at St. Croix Central is here to stay. The school board voted unanimously on Monday night to approve a budget for the remainder of this year.

The budget of $9,350 will cover one director position for 15 hours a week and an assistant for 10 hours a week. Additional expenses, like telephone, Internet and post office box are included in the figure.

Items donated to the program outside the district's costs include office space, utilities, printer, computers and Web design and maintenance. In kind donations contribute approximately $6,000 to the Community Education program.

Board member Jeff Redmon pointed out that expenses for the program will be nearly double next year. This year's proposed budget runs only from February to June.

Money for the position will come from the already established Fund 80. Money in the fund is required to be used for community learning. Currently, the YMCA after school program filters money through it.

Just how much money available to Community Education in the 2009-10 school year will be decided at the annual meeting in the summer.

The next step for the Community Education program is to write job descriptions and advertise the positions for hire.

The two new district employees will be required to submit timecards. They will not be covered under the district's insurance.

If all goes as planned, the board hopes to hire for the positions at its February meeting.

More information about upcoming Community Education classes can be found at