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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Lawmaker upset that UW law students being solicited to work on Abrahamson's campaign

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School says it's a fantastic learning experience for students to work on a judicial election campaign.

But at least one Republican state lawmaker doesn't see it that way.

Rep. Steve Nass, Whitewater, said Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson solicited interns for her campaign on the school's Web site and Nass said they're, "unseemly, unethical, and possibly illegal."

But the liberal group One Wisconsin Now said Nass shouldn't talk.

It cited a state GOP invitation last summer to have UW-Madison students serve as interns for its candidates last fall, including Nass.

The group also said Nass seeks office interns on the UW-Whitewater Web site. And it wants the Government Accountability Board to investigate him.

Nass chaired the Assembly's Colleges Committee until voters gave Democrats control of the house last November.

Jane Heymann, an assistant to UW law school dean Ruth Robarts, said the campus legal counsel reviewed Abrahamson's invitation. And it did not appear to break any laws or policies.

Heymann says law school students have a keen interest in politics, and candidates are welcome to solicit workers in the school's newsletter.

And that applies to Abrahamson's opponent this spring, Jefferson Judge Randy Koschnick.