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Vandalism shuts down snowmobile trail near New Richmond

The St. Croix County Snowmobile Association has closed a section of its snowmobile trial due to vandalism.

The individual or individuals involved went off the marked trail and ran over several private landowners' trees and shrubbery. It was the decision of the snowmobile club that marks and maintains this section, not the landowners, to close it. The section of trail was along the road east of Boardman and west of Cemstone along County Road G, near New Richmond.

Club members put in countless hours talking with landowners, and developing, marking and maintaining the trail system.

"A few individual snowmobilers, generally non-club members, take this goodwill away and leave a negative impression by riding off trail or doing something foolish," a Snowmobile Association official said.

Most snowmobilers are conscientious of the work that goes into creating and maintaining a trail system and are respectful and appreciative of the landowners who allow public recreation vehicles to cross their land, the official said.

"The St. Croix County Snowmobile Association encourages all snowmobilers to self-patrol and monitor the trail system," the association official said. "Without all snowmobilers' involvement, malicious or foolish acts as shown here could jeopardize how public recreational vehicle enthusiasts ride in the future."

The St. Croix County Snowmobile Association is made up of the 12 snowmobile clubs in St. Croix County and coordinates the trail-marking to interconnect the 216-mile county trail system.

The Association oversees the opening/closing and grooming of the trails system, based upon snow conditions.

"As supporters and stewards of the St. Croix County Snowmobile System, each of the association members and clubs support this closure," the official said.

If anyone has any information about this situation, contact, Mary Jo Ball, president of the Boardman Drift Busters, at 715-246-5052.