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Doyle may delay state budget

Gov. Jim Doyle says he might wait an extra week to propose his new state budget so he can see what the federal bailout package might offer.

The Democratic governor is scheduled to unveil his 2009-11 budget next Tuesday.

But Congress is not expected to agree on a final spending plan by then. And Doyle says it might be useful to know exactly what the package has in store for Wisconsin.

It's expected to include billions of dollars in aid for things like roads, schools and health care.

Meanwhile, Doyle says he will not include his new BadgerChoice program in the new budget. But the governor says he still wants to implement the plan, which would help small businesses buy health insurance less through volume purchasing pools.

The plan would cost up to $100 million in state funds.

Some lawmakers wondered if the state could afford it, when the expected budget deficit of $5.75 billion.