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Village Board plans maps, MacDaddy's agent meetings

The Somerset Village Board's January meeting addressed several events.

First, the new flood plain maps require the existing ordinance be addressed. Rob Jones of Cedar Corp. said the Department of Natural Resources need to approve it as well. A hearing to inform the public and garner feedback is planned for Feb. 16.

Second, the joint meeting between the village and town boards is scheduled for Feb. 11 at the Village Hall at 7 p.m. The public is invited to attend.

Third, MacDaddy's Bar requested a special board meeting to change its agent and to discuss the overlapping library lot.

Jeff Johnson, Village President, explained that the village had recently purchased a lot next to MacDaddy's that inadvertently overlaps into the existing building's footprint.

"We need to decide what to do with that," Johnson said.

That meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 27.

Fourth, the February village board meeting is normally on the third Tuesday of each month. However, the date falls on an election primary day, so the board decided to reschedule for Feb. 16 at 7 p.m.

In other news:

• The board approved the adoption of ordinance A-572 increasing the sewer rates 10 percent.

• The board approved the adoption of ordinance A-573 annexing the Kramer property into the village.

• The board approved the adoption of ordinance A-571 to rezone the Johnson property from Agricultural Residential to Highway Commercial.