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Small Claims: Brown/Wadzinski

Legal Notice


circuit COURT

Marathon COUNTY


summons and complaint

Small claims

Case No. 09SC26

Claim for Money ($5,000 or less) 31001

amber leigh brown

1035 S. 7th Avenue

Wausau, WI 54401



laura wadzinski

902 A N. 4th Street

New Richmond, WI 54017



To the Defendant(s):

You are being sued as described below. If you wish to dispute this matter:

You must appear at the time and place stated;


You must file a written answer and provide a copy to the plaintiff or plaintiff's attorney on or before the date and time stated.

If you do not appear or answer, the plaintiff may win this case and a judgment entered for what the plaintiff is asking.

When to Appear

Date: 2-18-09

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Place to Appear:

Marathon County Courthouse

Branch 6 Courtroom

500 Forest St.

Wausau, WI 54403


Plaintiff's Demand:

The plaintiff states the following claim against the defendant(s):

1. Plaintiff demands judgment for:

• Claim for Money $850.00

Plus interest, costs, attorney fees, if any, and such other relief as the court deems proper.

2. Brief statement of dates and facts: I have not received the return of my security deposit in the amount of $425.00 from Ms. Laura Wadzinski after moving out of the property I was renting from her located at 620 S. 1st Avenue Apt. 4. My one year lease for the apartment had expired September 30, 2008. I had sent Ms. Wadzinski written notice on September 22, 2008 (along with my rent check for October) informing her that I would be moving and I would be out of the apartment by October 31, 2008, which I was. I have spoked with Ms. Wadzinski several times over the last couple of months requesting the return of my security deposit. To this date, I have not yet received it. I am suing for double the amount of the security deposit as she has failed to return my $425.00 or provide me with an itemized list of deductions within 21 days of me vacating the property. ATCP 134.06(2)(a) and Wis. Stat. 100.20(5).