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Walker said he'd use stimulus money to suspend state sales tax

A Republican who might run for governor next year says he'd use Wisconsin's federal economic stimulus cash a lot differently.

Scott Walker, who's now the Milwaukee County executive, says almost all of Wisconsin's share of $3.5 billion should be used to suspend the state sales tax beginning March 1.

Walker says it would give the average family an extra $3,000. And it might encourage folks from neighboring states to buy new cars and appliances in Wisconsin.

Gov. Jim Doyle's office says it won't comment and spokesman Lee Sensenbrenner says they don't know if Walker's plan would be legal.

Doyle is putting the entire stimulus share toward government, reducing the state's deficit by $2 billion, and using the rest for things like new roads, sewers, and schools and home weatherization programs for the poor.

Meanwhile, Walker is expected today to propose local tax breaks when he delivers his state of the county address in Milwaukee.

He expects the county to get up to a $0.5 billion in federal surplus funds.

Walker says he'll suggest a holiday on the county sales tax plus business and property tax credits and rebates.