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School access road discussed by Village

Due to the primary elections on Tuesday, Feb. 17, the Village of Somerset board met on Monday, Feb. 16.

The public works committee discussed the second access into the Somerset school campus. Ryan Sicard, public works chairman, said the proposed driveway will be "town road" quality with ditches on both sides and a 10 foot lighted walking path parallel to it.

Ron Hill, board member, expressed his concern about the access increasing traffic in the area.

"I can see people from Somerset Meadows using it to get to Hudson," Hill said.

"The school is prepared to gate the road during non-school hours if necessary," Sicard said. "It's a public entity's private drive - not a public street."

Bob Crotty, public works director, agreed with Sicard.

"It's not like we're going to put a sign out on County Road VV saying, 'Short cut,'" Crotty said. "A majority of people won't use it as a bypass."

Sicard said the school district will be responsible for maintaining the driveway, but the village can still enforce the set rules there.

Jeff Johnson, village president, said the school could set the speed limit at 10 mph or even put in speed bumps if necessary.

Rob Jones of Cedar Corp. said the final design for the access road should be presented to the school board at its March meeting.

Public Safety makes recommendations

Greg Sayers, public safety chairman, said the committee proposed five changes to the interim conditional use permit for Float-Rite Concert venue.

"The beer garden section is no longer needed since the whole property is licensed," Sayers said, referring to the fenced area requirement to contain alcohol.

The committee also suggested changing the "visible hand stamp" to a wristband for those of legal drinking age. Another change was the addition of the word "restricted" for the signs that read "No loitering and/or tailgating will be allowed in restricted parking areas."

"That will give flexibility based on the type of crowd," Sayers said.

Another suggested change was to remove the sentence that states "Law enforcement personnel will have full authority to videotape any activity occurring in the areas open to the public on the concert grounds."

Chief Briggs said if there was an investigation going on, he would use the appropriate means necessary regardless of what the conditional use permit language.

"It was just adding more words," Sayers said.

In other news:

• Tom Kortas of Tracey & Thole, S.C. Certified Public Accountants, gave the audit report to the board. His overall estimation of the books: "very good."

• Rob Jones of Cedar Corp. said he met with a majority of the Arnold Street residents about putting in a pump station to update the sewer system. They were supportive.

• The board approved purchasing a $21,895 pick-up from Bernard's Dodge in New Richmond to serve as the new sewer utility truck. The current 1998 white Dodge truck will be sold.

• The inner tube ordinance was tabled to allow time to review the village attorney's comments and to let the finance committee set some fees.

• The board approved the Somerset Hockey Association's picnic beer license request for March 13-15 for their alumni event.

• The board approved the planning commission's recommendation to rezone the Kent Kramer property from agriculture to highway commercial. The owners plan to put an auto business and a duplex rental on the property.

• The board tabled the MacDaddy's/Library lot discussion until next month to give MacDaddy's time to research their position. The village purchased the lot next to the library, but it was not known at the time that MacDaddy's building encroaches on a portion of the property.

• The board approved the 2009-577 ordinance for the flood plain zoning as determined by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).