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Mom charged with neglect for keeping son locked in room

A 25-year-old town of Troy woman was charged with locking her three-year-old son in a room so that he couldn't eat or go to the bathroom and instead had to use a diaper.

Danielle K. Quinn, 533 County Road M #39 in the Hilltop trailer court, was charged with a felony for child neglect resulting in bodily harm. If convicted, maximum sentence for this crime is six years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

A child protection social worker was tipped off about the case because Quinn's older son attends Westside Elementary School.

The boy often missed classes and reportedly said he had to feed and get himself ready for school. He also mentioned the situation at home with his younger brother.

A St. Croix County Sheriff's deputy and the social worker finally went to the boy's trailer home at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 4.

According to the criminal complaint, the older boy answered the door. The mother was in bed but woke up.

The three-year-old was heard screaming and kicking a wall in another room. At one point the boy shouted, "Mom, let me out of here."

The room was locked from the outside by a latch hook.

It was later found that this boy had been confined in the room for over 14 hours with nothing to eat or drink. Though either totally or partially potty trained, he was wearing a soiled diaper that left him with a "very bad rash."

His older brother said the three-year-old was often locked in the room and that he kicked the walls and dresser inside.

The older boy said his mom would also lock him in the same room and that she "socks me" and spanks with a wooden spoon.

Quinn's 55-year-year-old mother also lived in the home. She was not charged.

In the complaint Quinn's mother said her daughter was very depressed, didn't take care of her kids and wouldn't get help for her problems. The grandmother added that the door locks were first used to keep the cats from getting into rooms.

Quinn's mother said Quinn has no job, but expects her to care for and feed the children when she gets home from work.

The grandmother also said that Quinn asked her to watch the children in 2006 for a weekend visit. Quinn then disappeared for several months before returning home.

During her absence, the complaint also mentions inappropriate touching of the children by a male family member and the presence of child pornography.

When questioned, Quinn's attitude was described as "very defiant in her responses" to both investigators. She blamed her older boy's school absences by saying he "lollygagged" every morning and missed the bus.

The three-year-old was to be examined by a doctor for bruises, scrapes and the diaper rash.

After being taken to county jail in Hudson, Quinn posted a $10,000 signature bond. This week she will appear in St. Croix County Circuit Court for a preliminary hearing.