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Report says $195 million Homeland Security funds state got are hard to track

Wisconsin has received $195 million dollars in federal Homeland Security funds in the last six years.

But the Wisconsin State Journal reports it's not easy to how it was all spent.

David Janda, the acting head of the Dane County Emergency Management agency, said the grants have gone to many different agencies that have since been reorganized.

And in 2004, the purchase of a bomb-detecting robot for Dane County actually came from a 2002 funding package that pre-dated Homeland Security grants.

Numerous law enforcement agencies have purchased a host of items with the money - everything from a kennel for a bomb-sniffing dog, to a youth camp for teens in La Crosse showing them how to prepare for disasters.

Dane County Coroner John Stanley said they provided response equipment which among other things, sniffed out evidence that led to the arrest of Eugene Zapata in the murder of his wife in the mid-1970s.

Rep. Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, said the Legislative Audit Bureau did a quick review of the state's Homeland Security funds three years ago. His audit panel will consider a more extensive review later this year.