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Motorist deemed 79 percent at fault

A woman who sat in her car while fueling was found primarily responsible for injuries suffered by a man who fell when he ran to shut off the gasoline nozzle.

After a two-day trial, a St. Croix County jury found Stacy L. Hanson, New Richmond, was 79 percent negligent for injuries suffered by Chris Moreno, New Richmond.

The gas station where the accident occurred -- Kwik Trip, 124 Paperjack Drive, New Richmond -- was found 20 percent negligent. Jurors determined Moreno was 1 percent at fault.

According to statements in the case file, Hanson was pumping fuel into her car Dec. 28, 2006. Because it was cold that day, she sat in her car while the gas was pumping. Usually the pump automatically kicks off when the car's tank is full, but this time it didn't.

When Hanson saw a man, later identified as Moreno, running toward her car, she realized that her tank was overflowing. She got out of the car and saw Moreno slip and fall as he reached for the pump nozzle. His right ankle was broken in the fall.

Jurors set the value of Moreno's past pain, suffering and disability at $18,000, but awarded him nothing for future pain, suffering and disability.

Prior to jury deliberations, the court determined Moreno's medical expenses totaled $20,806 and that he had lost $12,887 in wages.