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Crafty Gals begin meeting

Sue Enger, Tammy Nelson and Donna Haseley are hoping to bring the community together through crafts.

The ladies formed their own craft club through Bethany Lutheran Church and have had so much fun with it that they plan to welcome anyone from the community to join.

"Women have gotten together since way, way back," said Enger. "Quilting bees started during the Civil War."

A quilting bee gave friends the opportunity to meet and socialize while working to create a quilt.

"In a lot of cases it was the only chance for them to get together," Enger said.

The ladies, who have dubbed themselves "Crafty Gals" are hoping to achieve the atmosphere with their group.

From knitting to needlepoint, quilting to scrapbooking and wood working to paper quilling, any craft is welcome at the Crafty Gals meetings, Enger said.

The first meeting, which will be an opportunity to discuss meeting times and frequency, will be March 30 at The Bean Bag Coffee House, 245 S. Knowles Ave. from 1-4 p.m.

People are asked to show up for as long as they'd like.

Crafty Gals normally meet at Bethany Lutheran Church in Star Prairie.

"We'll discuss where the group should meet, but I'd like to keep it at the church," said Enger.

That's because the church has a large, well lit space for the crafters with many tables and outlets.

The group is being formed as a way to meet new people and work on projects, but could also be used as a teaching outlet, Enger said.

Tammy Nelson, another Crafty Gal, does many of her crafts with children.

The group is open to all ages, Enger said.

For more information about Crafty Gals, contact Enger at 715-246-0171, Nelson at 715-248-4591 or Haseley at 715-248-3744.