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Dalton pleads guilty to charges stemming from accident

David Allen Dalton, 46, Hammond, has pleaded guilty to two counts of a hit and run accident causing an injury stemming from a 2007 incident.

Dalton, then 44, was allegedly driving a 2005 GMC Sierra truck carrying four occupants southbound on County Road T Aug. 5, 2007.

As he pulled away from the stop sign at the intersection of County Road T and County Road G, he struck a 1993 Chevrolet Blazer driven by Megan Hopp of Baldwin. Hopp's vehicle, which also carried a passenger.

According to sheriff's reports at the time, all occupants of Dalton's vehicle allegedly fled the scene on foot.

At a March 3 plea hearing, Dalton pleaded guilty to two lesser misdemeanor charges of causing a hit and run accident that resulted in injuries.

Six misdemeanor charges ranging from operating while under the influence to causing an injury while operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration were dropped under the agreement.

Judge Scott Needham sentenced Dalton to 120 days in jail, with 60 days suspended. Dalton was ordered to serve 30 days in jail during 2009 and 30 days during 2010. Dalton must begin his first 30-day jail term within the next 60 days.

Dalton was also ordered to complete 80 hours of community service, $1,618 in restitution and $1,209 in fines.

Dalton was also placed on probation for two years.