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Paperjack Road project put on back burner

The reconstruction of Paperjack Creek Road is now scheduled for 2011.

The project was previously considered for reconstruction in 2009 or 2010.

Robert Barbian, New Richmond Planning and Community Development director, said there is no need to move flower gardens or plantings for some time.

At a recent city finance committee meeting, the capital needs of the city were prioritized. The consensus was to address the greatest impact and needs of the city.

A recent facility conditions report pointed out a number of deficiencies with city buildings, the greatest being the condition of the street shop. The report indicates that there is not enough space for existing equipment, as well as the current shop falling short in meeting basic OSHA requirements.

The other priority project relates to the city's transportation system being the construction of Richmond Way to 140th. The city's review of the area transportation system and projects concluded that the largest impact project is the completion of Richmond Way.

This is backed up by the traffic engineer indicating that completing the road will greatly enhance the local system, according to Barbian.

In addition, the city is reviewing the Wisconsin Department of Transportation stimulus funding for a variety of projects.

The city is considering reconstruction of Fourth Street and possibly the reconstruction and construction of County Road CC up to Fourth Street and installation of a traffic light as projects, Barbian said.