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Janesville sergeant receives Bronze Star for Korean War valor

A Janesville sergeant is about to get a medal for valor, 56 years after he fought a brutal Korean War battle.

An Army sergeant from Janesville will get the military's fourth-highest award Wednesday, 56 years after he survived an enemy attack in Korea.

Bob Larsen of Janesville led a platoon that fought off waves of North Korean attacks.

His unit was running out of ammunition as shells rained down on the rocky hill known as Jackson Heights.

Finally, with his troops either dead or captured, he wrestled with a final North Korean troop before escaping unharmed.

Larsen, who's now 77, served three years in the Army before returning to Janesville.

He ran a dairy farm for several decades and raised a family with three children.

A senior officer told Larsen he would file the necessary paperwork to recognize Larsen for his actions. But it never happened.

So last year, he asked Congressman Paul Ryan for help. And Wednesday, Larsen will finally get his Bronze Star with a valor device, more than five decades overdue.