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Walker announces candidacy for Wisconsin governor race

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has announced his candidacy for Governor saying he believes Wisconsin needs new leadership and a new direction.

"People aren't satisfied with the direction our state is headed and neither am I," Walker said.

"For six years, Governor Doyle has put the interests of government before the interests of the people it serves," he continued. "I believe Wisconsinites deserve a government that puts the needs of citizens first."

On Tuesday, Walker told an crowd of supporters at J&D Manufacturing in Eau Claire that Doyle's budget increases the cost of living for people of all income levels by raising property taxes, gas taxes, hospital costs, car insurance rates and even nursing home costs.

"While people all across the state tighten their belts to make it through this recession, Governor Doyle is looking to increase state spending by 10 percent and he wants $3 billion more of your money to pay for it."

Walker said Wisconsin lost 112, 000 private sector jobs in the last year while state government added 900 new taxpayer funded positions.

"Wisconsin is facing record job losses and our budget deficit of nearly $6 billion is the worst in state history," Walker said. "Sadly our leaders in Madison believe more spending and higher taxes are the solution."

But Walker said tax increases signed into the law by the Governor earlier this year have already cost Wisconsin jobs.

"Last week, officials for Harley-Davidson said the company will lay off up to 400 more workers, in large part because of recent changes to the state's tax laws," Walker noted.

Walker said Wisconsin needs fundamental change to put our economy back on track, and said despite runaway spending, Doyle had not improved the quality of life for Wisconsin families.

"I believe in a state that places the education of its children above the needs of the special interests and where parental involvement in education is celebrated," Walker said.