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Family receives $17.3 million in malpractice suit

The family of a southern Wisconsin girl is getting a $17 million malpractice settlement, after a spleen-removal operation left their daughter disabled.

Shelbey Bomkamp, 8, of Highland suffered permanent brain injuries as the result of an operation at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison in June of 2007.

According to court records, Doctor Leonard Go used a blender-type device to help remove the girl's spleen. But it caused internal damage.

Today, she cannot talk and she needs a feeding tube and 24-hour care.

According to a deposition, the surgeon said he never used the device before and he didn't tell the girl's parents he'd be using it.

The settlement totals $17.3 million, which will come from the state's medical malpractice fund.

The Bomkamp's lawyer says it's the biggest such award ever in Dane County.