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St. Croix County phone bank established to answer flu questions

The St. Croix County Public Health Department has begun a phone bank to answer residents' questions about the H1N1 flu outbreak and related topics.

If area residents have questions, they should call 715-246-8224, according to Public Health Officer Wendy Kramer.

The phone bank, which was started on Friday, is just one source of local information on the flu topic. Residents can also check the St. Croix County Web site ( to look at regular updates about flu news. They can also visit the Center for Disease Control's Web site ( or the State of Wisconsin site ( for additional information.

Kramer said county officials continue to meet to discuss plans for dealing with an H1N1 outbreak if it occurs in this area.

An incident command site has been established in Kramer's New Richmond office, where daily updates are issued to staff and health care professionals in the region.

Kramer said her office is also sending regular e-mails to schools, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other care facilities to keep people abreast of any news.