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Star Prairie flood plain map allows village to join program

The Village of Star Prairie's flood plain zoning ordinance cleared its final hurdle when the village board unanimously approved it on May 6.

The new flood plain map and ordinance, which will allow the village to participate in national flood insurance programs, is basically the same as the previous map, said Jim DeBenedet, of Stevens Engineers.

The only change is downstream where the dam was, but those are very minor changes, he said.

"This is the final process to join the national program," he said.

Prior to adopting the ordinance, the Village of Star Prairie was unable to participate in the national program, which means if a disaster happened, village residents would not be eligible for Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance, he said.

"With this program, FEMA would come in and help out," said Greg Gibson, village president.

In other business, the village board:

• Discussed a water leak at a property that's being foreclosed on.

The property is vacant and the water leak is happening on private property, said Brody Larson, maintenance operator. The only solution is to dig down and fix the pipe, he said.

Leaving the water leak unfixed could cause two problems, Larson said. The village continues to lose water and the water could cause the property's foundation to shift and cause damage the neighboring property's foundation.

Larson said he's attempted to contact the homeowner and the foreclosing bank, but has not been successful.

Tim Scott, the village's attorney, said it's best to send a certified letter to both the homeowner and the foreclosing bank before the village moves ahead with any repairs.

The village will include an engineer's opinion from Jim DeBenedet to explain what could happen to the neighboring foundations if the leak goes unfixed.

• Discussed the certified survey map of land owned by Jerome Sorensen.

The proposal splits the land, which is in the northern part of the village just off Highway 65, into four lots for potential development.

The board had no problems with the plan, except in regards to infrastructure.

A representative from JEO Consulting Group Inc. said there are no plans to build any additional infrastructure other than providing sewer and water services to the lot, however the village's comprehensive plan shows a future street running adjacent to the proposed properties.

The village's public utilities committee will meet to discuss the project and decide what will be required of developers should the project move forward.

• Approved Tim Scott's recommendation that the village hire Autumn Lindquist at its municipal court prosecutor.

Jackie Grumish
Jackie Grumish has been a reporter with the New Richmond News since 2008. She holds degrees in journalism and fine art from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Ill. Before coming to New Richmond, Jackie worked as the city government reporter at a daily newspaper in Aberdeen, S.D. 
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