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Click It or Ticket TV campaign features Hudson River pilot

Once again this Memorial Day, authorities are stepping up their efforts to ticket those who don't buckle up.

But this year, the Click It or Ticket campaign has a big name behind it.

You might have seen the TV announcements featuring Jeff Skiles, the Wisconsin co-pilot who helped save 155 lives by guiding U.S. Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson River in January.

Skiles said everyone on the plane was wearing seat belts and it behooves everyone on the road to do the same.

The Click It or Ticket campaign officially begins today, and will last through at least the Memorial Day weekend.

State Patrol Major Dan Lonsdorf says officers will watch for every traffic violation, in the hopes of educating those who are not buckled up.

Wisconsin has one of the lowest seat-belt compliance rates in the country. Lonsdorf says it's because we have secondary enforcement, which means officers must find another violation before giving out a seat-belt ticket.

That could change as early as July, though.

Gov. Jim Doyle's proposed state budget allows so-called "primary enforcement" for the first time.

He also wanted to raise the fine from $10 to $25, but the Joint Finance Committee recently voted to leave it at 10.