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SCC graduating seniors join the service

Nine graduating seniors have signed up for military service. From left to right are (front) Nicole Truesdill, Bri Brathall, McKinsy Larson, Ronald Moore, (back) Andrea Hartline, Jordan Califf, Andrew Pomroy, Autumn Finke and Jake Rock. Photo by Laura Kruse

Nine graduating St. Croix Central seniors have enlisted in the service. Over the next few months, all will be headed to basic training at locations across the country.

Following is some short biographical information about all the soon-to-be servicemen and women.

Bri Brathall

Bri Brathall will be spending the next six years of her life serving part-time in the National Guard.

"I'm excited for everything and nervous for everything," she said.

During her time in the Guard, Brathall will work in human resources. She'll start her service on July 22 when she leaves for basic training at Fort Jackson, S.C.

Brathall's family includes Laura, Kevin, Megan and Justin Brathall.

Jordan Califf

On June 2, Jordan Califf will leave for four months of training for the Army National Guard.

Among his reasons for enlisting was earning money to pay for college.

Califf has committed to six years in the Guard. He will be working as a combat engineer.

Autumn Finke

Autumn Finke has enlisted in the United States Navy for four years of active service.

"I'm excited to be on a ship, to travel and learn new things," Finke said.

She'll be leaving for basic training in Great Lakes, Ill. on Sept. 23. While in the service, Finke said she will work in information systems technology, unless she becomes a Navy diver.

Finke said Ronald Moore, a fellow senior at St. Croix Central, inspired her to enlist.

"I enlisted for the experience and all the opportunity that is given and also to travel," Finke said.

Finke's parents are Lisa Fremstad and Lonnie Finke. Her siblings are Aliesha, Ashley and Bradley Finke.

Andrea Hartline

The Army's assistance with school expenses led Andrea Hartline to commit to eight years in the Army. She'll be active for four years, and inactive for the remainder.

"I decided to enlist so that they pay for my schooling and so that I can serve my country and better myself," Hartline said.

Hartline, daughter of Terri Hartline, will leave for training only five days after graduating from St. Croix Central High School. She'll train for 10 weeks at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

"I'm excited to shoot a gun and throw grenades. I'm also excited for the challenge," Hartline said.

"I'm nervous about getting gassed," she added.

Hartline will serve as a mental health specialist during her time in the Army.

McKinsy Larson

After serving for five active years in the Army, McKinsy Larson hopes to become a surgeon. Experiences she'll get while serving as a health care specialist and EMT will give her an edge in classes. The money for school is an added bonus.

"I plan on going into the medical field and this is the perfect way to test myself and see if I really enjoy it," Larson said. "The Army had the best opportunities for me."

Larson will leave her hometown of Roberts on June 9 for basic training at Fort Jackson, S.C. She'll then head to Texas for Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sam Houston.

"I'm really excited for basic, like nine to 10 weeks of staying at the gym. Fun!" she said. "And the hands on experiences will be great."

Larson is the daughter of Darcy and Joel Larson. She has two sisters, Breanne and Madeline.

Ronald James Earl Moore

Ronald Moore said he was interested in joining the service because he wanted to serve and protect and better himself.

He also said he was inspired to enlist by his father Ronald Newton, his dad Robert Cardinal and his recruiter Jordan Kooiman.

He'll be leaving Hammond in June for basic training in Great Lakes, Ill. for the United States Navy. He's currently signed on for five years, but plans to serve 20 years or more.

In the Navy, Moore will be working with special warfare, light water craft and training as a medic.

"I was very interested in the Navy and the endless benefits it has to offer," he said. "I've always wanted to defend my country and the ones I love."

Moore said he's excited about everything.

"I can't wait. This is going to be completely amazing," he said.

Moore's family includes Robert Cardinal, Andrea Cardinal, Nicole Holger, Jon Holger, Cody Darby, Makenna Holger and Eric Holger.

Andrew Pomroy

Keeping his family's tradition of military service going inspired Andrew Pomroy to enlist in the National Guard.

"My father was prior service so I wanted to keep it in the family," he said. Earning money and gaining experiences were also draws to the service for him, he said.

Pomroy said he chose the National Guard because he like the part-time commitment option. He's signed on for eight years.

In the National Guard, Pomroy said he plans to work in human resources.

Pomroy said he leaves for basic training at Fort Jackson, S.C. on Aug. 4.

Pomroy's family includes Jasen, Kelly, Katie, Jake and MiKayla Pomroy.

Jake Rock

Jake Rock was drawn to the Marines Corp because of its elite status.

"Go big or go home," the Hammond resident stated.

Rock will be leaving for boot camp on June 22 in San Diego. He's signed on for a four-year commitment, but plans to stay in the Corps for life, he said.

"I can't wait for boot camp but I know it's going to be hell," Rock said.

After completing boot camp, Rock will be a infantryman.

"There wasn't too much I was interested in doing except shoot guns and protect our country," Rock said. "I just always loved the idea of serving."

Rock is the son of Scott and Wendy Rock. He has one sister, Hailey.

Nicole Truesdill

Five days after Nicole Truesdill graduates from St. Croix Central High School, she'll be leaving for Army basic training in Fort Jackson, S.C.

Truesdill, a Roberts resident, has enlisted for a total of eight years. Four years, she'll be active Army, the other four she'll serve as inactive Army.

While serving, Truesdill will train as a mental health specialist.

"I'm excited to learn new tactic," she said of her future. She cites free college, money and having a job as reasons for her enlistment.

Truesdill is the daughter of Marilyn Ortega and Gordy Truesdill.