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Senate passes bill to have manufacturers pay for disposal of TVs and computers

The makers of TVs and computers would have to make to sure their obsolete products get recycled in Wisconsin, under a bill passed by the state Senate.

The vote was 23-10 Tuesday to make electronics' manufacturers register with the Department of Natural Resources, give the government an estimated weight of the products they sell each year, and then make sure at least sure 80 percent of that weight stays out of landfills.

If they don't achieve that, the manufacturers would have to pay additional fees on top of the $5,000 they'd have to give the DNR each year.

Madison Democrats have tried for several years to pass the recycling mandate, saying that computer chips have chemicals which can pollute groundwater.

But the manufacturers say they no longer own the items once they sell them to consumers and it's not fair to make them responsible for the purchasers' behavior.

Republicans cast all 10 of Tuesday's no votes.

The bill now goes to the Assembly. Eighteen other states have similar laws.