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Media reports say GM's new small car plant will go to Orion, Mich.

It looks like Janesville will not get General Motors' new plant for fuel-efficient cars.

The Associated Press and Bloomberg News both say GM will award it today to an existing facility in Orion, Mich.

Wisconsin's Tim Cullen says the news is quote, "disappointing beyond belief" if it's accurate.

Cullen chaired a task force to try and save the Janesville plant as it was about to shut down last December.

He says he'll wait for the official announcement before commenting further. Cullen said GM would share the news today with the governors of Michigan, Wisconsin and Tennessee, the third state in the running for the new plant.

And then a news conference will take place.

Bloomberg News said Michigan gave GM the biggest incentives for putting the new plant there.

They reportedly included tax incentives for all the GM plants in Michigan as long as they keep a certain level of employment.

And Orion Township offered tax abatements for 25 years, plus a second level of abatements should GM expand there in the future.

The new plant could have brought back 1,500 jobs to Janesville, had it gone there. Bob Boerremans, head of the Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board, said the region would move on.

He said local leaders "may have a Plan B -- I'm just not aware of what it would be."