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Former School Board president caught on camera stealing Little League funds

A former president of the Franklin School Board is due in court next Monday, after she allegedly stole money from a friend and the friend later videotaped her stealing Little League funds.

Roseann Lewandowski, 59, will be charged today.

Milwaukee County prosecutors released the complaint Monday. She allegedly took $110 from Pamela Bombien's wallet in April and May.

The victim later set up a "nanny cam." And authorities said it caught Lewandowski stuffing $880 in Little League money into her bra at Bombien's home on May 21.

Police said Lewandowski also took money from others on three occasions, but they're not part of the charges.

Police said they knew why Lewandowski took the money but they would not elaborate.

Officials said a deferred prosecution agreement is in the works which could eventually drop the charges if she stays clean.

She served in a number of community posts in Franklin and she resigned last week from the city's Fair Commission.