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Indiana truck driver asks for leniency in 2005 Chippewa Falls bus crash case

The Indiana truck driver involved in a fatal bus crash in western Wisconsin in 2005 is scheduled to be sentenced today for putting false entries in his trucking log.

The attorney for Michael Kozlowski has asked Federal Judge Barbara Crabb not to send his client to prison but to put him on probation instead.

Kozlowski was convicted earlier this year on five counts of logging false trucking activities.

He claimed he was resting or sleeping on five days in 2005, when evidence showed that he was actually driving.

It was around the time when Kozlowski was accused of falling asleep on Interstate-94 near Osseo in the early morning hours.

Authorities said the truck jack-knifed, and it was struck by the lead bus that was bringing the Chippewa Falls High School marching band home from a competition in Whitewater.

Five people on that bus were killed, and 28 others were injured.

Kozlowski was found not guilty of criminal charges in the case but he's a defendant in numerous civil suits.